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What is Health Futures?

AUT Health Futures is a bold approach to tackling significant societal problems facing Aotearoa New Zealand. This is an AUT-wide initiative with collaboration, contribution, connection within and externally, and innovation at its heart.

AUT contributes to its communities through research and education. We want to increase this contribution and co-design solutions that extend beyond traditional research and partnership boundaries.

Why is AUT investing in Health Futures?

Huge advances in medical science have not addressed all the challenges our country and the world face.

Most health problems in Aotearoa and the world reflect environmental, social and economic determinants, and the thinking that created the problems won’t solve them.

We believe new approaches are needed and want to support our staff, and external partners who share this view.

Re-envisioning what might be possible if we can be bolder and less conservative in our approach to research and how it addresses real-world challenges is at the heart of Health Futures.

Health Futures will generate the reflexive and ongoing impact, engagement and capacity creation needed by our university, partners and communities for the future.

As an outcome of our investment of funds we expect projects to go beyond scholarly research outputs, to include benefits such as:

  • Curriculum review
  • Policy advice
  • Opportunities for research students
  • Work integrated learning experiences
  • Entrepreneurial activities
  • Practical application and dissemination of knowledge

Health Futures is a way to embed research, teaching and learning, supervision and mentoring, along with external engagement and collaboration.