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AUT Health Futures guidelines

Projects that meet the criteria for the expression of interest will be invited to pitch at the AUT Health Futures Forum.

Applicants introduce their project and team to the forum by presenting up to 10 slides in fewer than 10 minutes – no jargon, no acronyms, and pitched for an informed lay audience. The pitch must be co-presented by one member of the AUT team and a significant and authorised representative from the external partner/s.

What we need to know in your pitch

  • Describe your idea and how it aligns to the AUT Health Futures programme
  • Why you? Why now? Why is your team the right one to address the problem?
  • How does your proposal represent a new approach, new model or new solution for a healthier future?
  • How do you plan to tackle the challenge?
  • How much funding do you need from AUT Health Futures and over what timeframe?
  • What are your top challenges?
  • Tell us about your team. How will key roles and responsibilities be covered? What number of full-time and part-time contributors will you have on your team?
  • What is the most likely contribution/s this project will achieve during its lifetime, what would be possible next steps, and who would you plan to seek further investment from on completion of this specific project?

Selection of finalists

Panellists select AUT Health Futures finalists with the following in mind:

  • Is this idea worthwhile in its likely impact on healthier futures? Is it sufficiently thought through to be funded?
  • Does the team have what it takes to deliver this project?
  • How does the project extend AUT’s external engagement?
  • How does the project enhance AUT’s reputation?

What happens next?

AUT Health Futures finalists:

  • Receive funding
  • Gain access to the emerging AUT Health Futures community
  • Are expected to present at our annual AUT Health Futures Summit
  • Are expected to contribute to ongoing review of the initiative
  • Are expected to disseminate their knowledge to maximise its use and application
  • Agree that review during the life of the project may result in iteration or ‘off ramps’
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