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How it works

  • Step 1 - expression of interest (200 words)
  • Step 2 - pitch at the AUT Health Futures Forum
  • Step 3 - collaborate on your funded project
  • Step 4 - report back on milestones and progress

Criteria for funding proposals

  • Authentic collaboration between an AUT team and at least one external partner involved in developing the project
  • The inclusion of new and emerging AUT researchers including students
  • Projects must make a meaningful contribution to solving challenging and complex problems
  • Proposals must have potential applicability (education, delivery, community, policy and/or more)
  • The Vice-Chancellor reserves the right to limit the number of proposals that are considered and/or to manage the allocation of funding across the University if necessary.

Designed to solve challenging and complex problems

Challenging assumptions about dominant models of health, rethinking expertise, roles and professions, creating environments for meaningful health gain.

Access to primary healthcare and the potential of technological innovation. Changing expectations – medical and technological advances are changing what people want, what they need, what we can afford, who benefits, who is left out – equity, morality and ethics.

Addressing silos, edge effects, convergence (eg between science and delivery, research and policy, biomedical and other approaches to health).

Overcoming the path dependency of funding: ‘so much of what we do is determined by what we fund; and so much of what we fund is determined by what we did’. For example, some of the problems associated with access and treatment within public health arise from systems and protocols that don’t work well or could do with reassessment and suggestions/alternatives to be developed and tested.

If your team identifies a problem outside of these four areas – the big problem as well as the specific project needs to be clearly articulated and justified.

Refer to the AUT Health Futures guidelines page for more information.

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