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Welcome to AUT Health Futures

Health Futures is a bold new initiative from AUT designed to tackle significant challenges facing NZ society.

Many of NZ’s significant challenges converge around the health of our society, our environment and our economy. AUT Health Futures is a broad definition that encompasses many of the big challenges we face as a society.

AUT has collaboration with industry, business and international partners in its DNA – and AUT Health Futures has been designed to amplify that approach. University teams work collectively with external partners to pitch for funding and find solutions.

AUT Health Futures has significant funding available - $20M over five years – for new ideas with potential real-world application. It’s a whole new way of applying for funding, and a new way of solving NZ’s big challenges.

Project update: AUT funding helps Kiwis talk about money

Newly funded research from AUT - in partnership with charitable non-government organisation Good Shepherd NZ - aims to tackle financial abuse by helping Kiwis talk comfortably and constructively about money with their loved ones.

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