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Addressing vaccine hesitancy

Ineke Crezee
Professor Ineke Crezee

New research aims to find out why vaccination rates are dropping — and what can be done about it.

The Vaccine Trust Programme (VTP) will take the lens of social sciences to vaccine hesitancy rather than the usual clinical science approach.

The project is not focusing on COVID-19 vaccines but on vaccinations for communicable diseases in general.

It is being led by Professor Ineke Crezee and will address different aspects of the problem.

Researchers will partner with Northland District Health Board to interview people about their views and options on immunisation. It will look at those who influence others’ views, and why they made a decision to get vaccinated or not.

They will also look at conspiracy theories – why do people pay attention to them and how feelings of control might make them more likely to believe in them.

Social data analysis will look at the long-term effect of not being immunised, using integrated child data and immunisation records, linking them to school outcomes, hospitalisation and other variables.

A podcast about measles immunisation will also be developed, for secondary school students in Northland aged over 16.

AUT researchers

  • Professor Ineke Crezee, School of Language and Culture

External collaborators

  • Northland District Health Board